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How many of you have already done a big 3 upgrade?
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Sep 29, 2021
I have done the big three on my 2004 Honda Civic in 2019. I was coming back into car audio after a long time away. I had started in enthusiast car audio in the late 90s and stayed with it till mid 2000s. So I needed everything from scratch. I wanted 1000w RMS bass amp and a 4 channel 400w rms amplifier for a low budget sq build. I went with the Rockford Fosgate RFK1D Dual Amp PC-OFC kit as it was complete and allowed me room to grow if I wanted to add higher power amps. I do wish it had come with more wire. Litterally 3 ft more for me would have made all the difference. I was short on the included ground wire after adding the grounds from battery and alternator (I had upgraded to a mechman alternator at the same time) and from the amps to the chassis, but everyones vehicle will be different. I also need to get slightly smaller fuse values for my application. I would say the kit was nice and easy no hassle nothing was missing great if you just want it to work out of the box with no hassles. And as it was only a dual kit the splitter blocks are very nice, the wires when trimmed and put in holes actually fit nice and tight and didnt have the problem of the wire being too large for the hole. The price has doubled since I bought mine though, so a better value can definitely be found by piecing your own kit together. Also I could have planned better how much wire I really needed before hand with some string simply enough but I was impatient lol. This one was perfect for me just wanting to get it all one in one package.


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