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Sep 30, 2021
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Hi everyone. I didn’t know this place existed till I saw HiFi Vega’s post on YouTube. So I decided to peak my head in and sign up. Ive got a small channel on the tube and have several car audio related videos. One set of videos is a budget Boomin series where I put four $9 eight inch subs into a custom built 4th order and hit 135 db on 500 watts. Another is a couple of videos on a custom built sealed box that is under the driver seat of my KIA Niro for a 10” Cadence subwoofer. Then my latest car audio related videos are directly influenced by HiFi Vega and Big D. I started off with a Savard HiQ 12” subwoofer in a custom(larger than what Savard recommends) 2.5 cubic foot ported box that is tuned to 28 hz and is powered by a Down For Sound JP8. Many more car audio related videos will be coming from me in the months to come. My channel is 91CavGT if anyone wants to check it out. Thanks!


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