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1/0 OFC Big 3 Kit

1/0 OFC Big 3 Kit

The standard Hifivega Big 3 kit includes 1/0 OFC car audio wire and hydraulically crimped tinned copper lugs with 3/8 inch holes. You can choose from Red, Blue and Grey braided loom on the power run and you get Black braided loom on the negative run all with adhesive lined heatshrink. You have many add on options including having the kit custom built and terminated to you specified lengths (contact me via email at hifivegawire@gmail) other options include waterproof fuse holder w/300 amp fuse and wire ferrules, military style battery post, Hifivega wire logo heatshrink and I can even do full amp kits if you need one you.


This kit includes:

5' power wire (Red,Grey,Blue braided loom)

5' ground run Black braided loom (pre terminated on both ends you cut the wire to length and terminate yourself for both grounds)

3 adhesive lined heatshrinks standard (you choose the non adhesive lined Hifivega wire heatshrink in the options)

3 tinned copper lugs

10 zipties

Hifivega Wire sticker


**Disclaimer: HifiVega Wire assumes no responsibility for the installation of this kit. Please have a qualified professional install this product if you're unsure of your own ability to install this kit**

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