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How to do a BIG 3 upgrade

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

In my opinion this is an upgrade any diyer can tackle with a few hand tools and a few hours. I’ll walk you through step by step and you will be on the road to more stable voltage in no time!

Tools you’ll need:

A socket set

Screwdriver or allen keys (maybe for battery terminal)

Drill w/drill bits (maybe)

A wire brush or sandpaper of some sort

Wire strippers or a razor

A wire crimper or someway to crimp the lugs

A heat gun or lighter (for the heat shrink)

Grease or spray paint


Locate your factory battery ground clean it (wire brush or sand to the metal) & replace the factory cable with the new ground included or find a better chassis ground and make a new connection if the factory area isn’t good enough. Make sure you cover the new connection with grease or paint to prevent corrosion.

STEP TWO: Locate engine block or alternator mount to chassis ground. Clean both sides with a wire brush or sandpaper (down to bare metal) and replace with the new cable included in your kit & cover with grease or paint.


Locate your alternator and replace and/or run your new power wire alongside your factory cable and connect to the positive post on your battery.

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